Need of insurance

Insurance is a way of managing risks. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company in exchange for a fee, known as the premium. Insurance companies invest the funds securely, so it can grow, and pay out when there’s a claim.

  • Saving for future
  • Risk cover
  • Inflation
  • Interest rate
  • Good return
  • Independent life
  • Tax saving U/S 80c
  • Tax free return U/S 10(10D)
  • Accidental risk cover
  • Permanent disability coverage
  • Children will not take care
  • Support your spouse
  • To secure future goals
  • To cover emergency expenses
  • Build your cash value
  • Child education
  • Forced long term compulsory saving
  • Risk of less planning & out living retirement
  • Cover real estate investments
  • To get a business loan
  • Peace of mind
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10950 brochure

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