Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage for all expenses associated with accidents. In case of the accidental death of the insured, 100% of sum insured is paid to the nominee. … This policy provides protection against insured’s burns arising due to an accident.

Considering the lifestyle today, every employee in your organization is exposed to various risks of accidental death and disability, specifically at work and while traveling to and fro the work place.
In case of any such event actually happening, the Employer has a moral duty to provide compensation, hence in our opinion; this cover becomes one of the most critical covers for employees.
A Group Personal Accident Policy provides worldwide comprehensive lump sum coverage to your staff from risks of accidental death and disability.

It covers the following:

  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Permanent Total Disability
  • Accidental Permanent Partial Disability
  • Accidental Temporary Total Disability
  • Weekly compensation benefits
  • Medical Extension

Periodic Addition/Deletion is possible on pro-rata basis. Groups as small as 10 members can be covered

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